Real estate investment5 Fehler beim Hauskauf in Spanien Costa Brava

Avoid these 5 mistakes when buying a house in Spain.

Dream house on the Costa Brava?

A vacation home with that certain something extra in a dreamlike setting – who hasn’t dreamed of that?

The thought of sun, beaches, a Mediterranean climate and idyllic scenery immediately puts you in a vacation mood. No wonder that many Germans fulfill their dream of owning a vacation home year after year – either as a private retreat for carefree vacation enjoyment or as an investment in concrete gold in the most beautiful places in the world.

1. buy without inspection

But the dream of a vacation home can quickly turn into a nightmare. Buying real estate in Spain is treacherous. That’s why it’s worth taking a particularly close look during an inspection. Even if you are not an expert, you should definitely take a look at the building fabric, energy supply and insulation. And since corners are not to be left out, it is worthwhile to check whether there might be nests of vermin in them. Other questions that you should definitely clarify in advance are:

  1. Have the ownership conditions been clarified?
  2. Was the dream property legally built or is it a black building?
  3. Is there a mold problem?
  4. Is the property a debt trap and encumbered with mortgages?
  5. What maintenance costs do I have to plan for?

To do this, be sure to seek the help of professionals and get good advice before you are shocked to discover after a few months that you have purchased a poor quality hovel.

With our Villas del Sol we have created sophisticated and qualitative villas in one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Exclusively furnished and with a beautiful view, you can enjoy the vacation experience to the fullest. Clarified ownership allows you to live carefree in Spain without fear of the authorities. You don’t have to worry about the building fabric or energy supply, as we always stick to our own standards of quality. Convince yourself of our dream properties and book a viewing appointment.

2. impulse buying at the dream house

Human buying behavior is not always guided by rationality. Emotions drive impulse purchases that are often regretted afterwards. Especially when buying real estate, this mistake should be avoided, even if emotions are not completely insignificant when buying a house 😉 The feel-good factor should be present in any case when deciding on the dream house. Nevertheless, nothing should be decided exuberantly and prematurely.

Our tip is therefore: Take enough time in the search for your dream property and do not let yourself be led by emotions or be taken by surprise. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the houses and decide according to criteria that are as rational as possible.

5 Fehler beim Hauskauf in Spanien Begur

3. love your neighbor, but do not tear down the fence.

Are you also already looking forward to joint barbecues or a neighborly glass of wine at sunset on the Costa Brava?

As the German saying goes, neighborliness is essential for a sunny vacation in Begur. But not with every neighbor a happy coexistence is possible. Constantly ringing church bells, a playground or kindergarten in the immediate vicinity can become unpleasant neighbors if they are accompanied by a high level of noise pollution. And even though we all like to eat a portion of French fries from time to time, we don’t like to have the deep fryer right outside the front door. When visiting, pay attention to whether gastronomy or perhaps nearby garbage dumps can create unpleasant odors that mask the scent of Spain’s olive trees.

True to the motto: Love your neighbor, but don’t tear down the fence, you should also pay attention to how densely the area around your new dream home is built on and might be built on in the future. After all, you want to enjoy sufficient privacy and not have to forfeit the beautiful view of Begur’s surroundings due to newly developing construction projects.

4. money rules the world

Let’s get to the point that most influences your search for the dream house: your budget. You should set a precise budget in advance, based on your financial capacities, your ideas and demands. It is advisable to plan a small buffer upwards, but better not to exceed the pain threshold. Even if the sun of Catalonia is worth every cent, the financing possibilities should not be disregarded.

But: The dream of a vacation home also has its price. Do not be a Scrooge McDuck. Being stingy when buying a house will usually not achieve the desired result – cheap prices tempt you to make rash purchases. Consider exactly what financial possibilities you have and what is possible within this framework.

Platja d'Aiguablava Costa Brava Spanien Vollas del Sol Begur

5. persistence pays off

You wanted a pool? Then insist on it!

Finding a house where every detail is perfectly suited to your needs is like the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack. Little things can be changed. However, you should not compromise on things that are important to you. Whether it’s a bathroom with a window, an outdoor pool, a terrace or anything else. Dare to give clear information and ideas about your dream house and rather do without one or the other object if it does not meet these requirements.

What lasts long, finally becomes good: Leave yourself enough time to find your perfect new house.