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Buy a vacation home in Spain: 7 reasons why the outback is the better choice

If you are thinking of buying a vacation home in Spain, there are a few things to consider.

One of the central points by which real estate purchases are evaluated is, of course, the location. Especially in vacation regions with water access and wide beaches, you often have the choice between the direct proximity to the sea and the “second row”: those neighborhoods, towns and villages that are located further inland, but perhaps for this very reason can offer advantages that many prospective buyers have not even thought of!

What real estate agents like to describe as the “best location” – namely, with visual contact to water and waves – turns out, on closer inspection, not to be the best solution for everyone.

Of course: beaches are great! The sea, the view, the horizon… Being able to practically stretch your feet into the sand from your own veranda is what most families dream of when they think about a vacation home in Spain. However, in many places this beautiful dream also comes with the rude awakening: hardly any beach in Spain, where you can buy a vacation home, is still located really lonely. On the contrary, unfortunately, especially in the summer months, the most popular beaches are true tourist magnets with the usual side effects: Beach promenades full of questionable gastronomies in the immediate vicinity not only ensure a cheerful party mood throughout the neighborhood during the day and night, but also cloud the surrounding streets with the distinctive smell of their deep fryers. These two arguments alone have already spoiled many a real estate buyer’s beautiful view.

But don’t worry, there are alternatives! If you don’t miss the magic of Spanish vacation regions, but would like to do without the hustle and bustle of the promenades, it is definitely worth taking a look at the “second row”. Because: A perfect vacation home in Spain has much more to offer than just the proximity to the beach!

We have taken a close look for you and analyzed which advantages properties in the hinterland can have in contrast to the first row of beaches:

If you are looking for a vacation home that combines the luxury of a quiet hillside location with the best sea views and an excellent location, our Villas del Sol in Begur are definitely something for you!

1. advantage: the purchase price

Butter to the paella! Houses by the sea are often exorbitantly more expensive than their counterparts a few kilometers away. In many regions of Spain, being able to see the sea at close range is the decisive factor for a hefty price increase – unfortunately, often completely irrespective of the condition of the property or any other circumstances. The fact that the location is often not quite as exclusive as assumed, we have already mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Vacation homes in the hinterland are usually cheaper than vacation homes directly on the beach. The purchase price as well as the maintenance costs (electricity and water bills, homeowner fees) are often lower than directly on the coast.

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2. advantage: rest and relaxation

A vacation home a bit away from the beach hustle and bustle definitely offers more peace and relaxation than a house directly on the beach. Here you have the opportunity to escape the noisy, busy beach and the tourist crowds and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. After all, most people go on vacation to relax. Even those who like to enjoy the nightlife have a good reason to choose a quiet accommodation: A restful night’s sleep is much easier a little away from the big tourist crowds!

3rd advantage: The view

Oh, the sea…. We were already at that point. Unfortunately, large hotel chains also had the same preference when choosing their location, so that small houses near the beach are often hampered by so-called bed castles. Here, too, the distance from the water definitely offers plus points: In many regions of Spain, for example on the Costa Brava, the land rises from the coast in gentle hills. So you not only have a perfect view of wooded mountain landscapes, but also a good chance of an unobstructed sea view, provided the vacation home is on a hillside. Clever!

4. advantage: the experience of nature

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Cottages away from the beaches are often located in the middle of forests or mountains, which offer real relaxation as well as unique nature experiences. Much more likely than on the busy beach, here you have the opportunity to observe local animals, hear birds or crickets, and at night enjoy a starry sky that is not cut by the colorful sky beamers of discotheques. The variety of the hinterland and diversity of nature offer near recreation right on the doorstep. Hikes or bike rides through the wooded hills surrounding Begur and a picnic in a cool clearing sounds almost more tempting than a day at the beach when the outside temperature is 35°C!

5. advantage: the size

It is not for nothing that people so often talk about the “vastness of the hinterland”: In contrast to a few kilometers of coastline, there is still a lot of building land in Catalonia’s cool hills, for example. Precisely for this reason, the vacation homes in the hinterland are often much more spacious and generously proportioned. For families with children or people who need more space, they are therefore an ideal alternative. They also offer more privacy and flexibility than smaller houses or apartments directly on the beach.

6. advantage: country and people

“Never eat where you can see the sea” – this bon mot expresses that one searches in vain for good restaurants near the beach. Regional authenticity is also mostly lost between rows of souvenir stores and hotel chains. Everything is tailored to the needs of tourists, which leaves little to no room for typical locals.

If you don’t live directly on a beach, you may be more tempted to head for other daytime destinations than those on your own doorstep. The areas that are a bit away from the most popular beaches in Spain, far from the tourist hustle and bustle, offer the opportunity to experience the genuine Spanish way of life. In these areas you can not only taste really good typical Spanish specialties, but also get in touch with the locals. In this way, you will learn many an “insider tip” that remains hidden from package tourists.

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7. advantage: the rental

If you not only want to use your vacation home privately, but also earn some extra money with it, you should consider a location a little further inland. Vacation homes away from the hustle and bustle of the beach are also very attractive in terms of rentals, for example, for travelers looking for peace and nature. In any case, renting is a smart way to reduce the cost of buying and maintaining your vacation home.

If you are looking for a vacation home that combines the luxury of a quiet hillside location with the best sea views and an excellent location, our Villas del Sol in Begur are definitely something for you!

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