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The 11 most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava in Spain

The best news first: If you are vacationing in the Begur area of the Costa Brava, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches!

The coastal town of Begur, in the province of Girona, not only boasts a charming old town, excellent gastronomy with tapas bars and small restaurants, enchanting sights and a variety of activities, but also an abundant selection of very different beaches in the immediate vicinity.

Ten beaches can be reached in less than 15 minutes by car, and countless others in less than half an hour. Since the versatile beaches of the Costa Brava meet very different requirements, everyone will find their personal favorite beach here. Whether you are looking for adventure, sporting activities or a picturesque setting, the variety of beaches near Begur leaves nothing to be desired.

In this area the coast is an exciting mixture of rugged cliffs and small, windless bays with many cozy sandy beaches. You can reach them by car, by bus shuttle, by bike or on foot along designated hiking routes.

Since there are so many ways to experience a perfect beach day in the charming area around Begur, we just couldn’t pick a winner. Stop by and judge for yourself!

1. Platja del Racó (10 Min. by car, 4,4km)

North of Begur there is a very long, fine sandy beach with a total length of 4 kilometers, divided into several sections. The northern part is known as Platja de Pals, the southern as Platja del Racó.

Platja del Racó is one of the most popular beaches in the area and offers tourists a wide range of culinary and entertainment options: In Racó they can find everything from BBQ grills or lounge bars, jet ski rentals and surf schools to an inflatable aqua park for children and teenagers, which makes a day at the beach full of variety. At the same time, the entire section is supervised by lifeguards.

In Racó it is possible to rent beach chairs and umbrellas, there are public toilets, showers, various gastronomic establishments, sports facilities such as fields for beach volleyball and numerous parking facilities in close proximity.

This beach is especially recommended for handicapped people: Wheelchair-accessible toilets, showers, parking and even water access assisted by the Red Cross (book in advance!) make barrier-free relaxation possible here.

2. Platja de Pals (13 Min. by car, 6 km)

Platja de Pals is one of the most beautiful and quiet natural beaches in the area around Begur. Several kilometers long, it joins the more lively Platja del Rocá and extends north to the beautiful, unspoiled mouth of the river Ter into the sea.

The further one walks in the direction of Ter, the more lonely and untouched this beautiful golden sandy beach becomes, with small dunes and coves. The lower part of the Platja de Pals borders on a nature reserve, at the northern end there are low buildings – so you don’t have to look at huge “bed castles” while enjoying nature.

On the wide sandy strip there is enough space to spread out and let the children play. The extensive flat beach sections invite you to swim and windsurf.

Note: Since this beach is largely natural, there are no services or visitor services here in the form of showers, catering or beach chairs. Parking in the area is also limited, so you should come early or switch to alternative transportation.

Platja del Pals Costa Brava Spanien

3. Platja de Illa Roja (10 Min. by car 4,4 km)

South of Platja del Racó, in a hidden rocky cove, is Platja de Illa Roja, the “beach of the red island”. In fact, a reddish climbing rock rises out of the water in the middle of the bay and provides requested shade to the small section of beach.

Important to know: This beach is one of the most beautiful nude beaches on the Costa Brava, nudist bathing is a tradition here.

The formerly privileged enclave has had a modern beach bar for some time, which unfortunately has already gained local notoriety for its unreasonably high prices. If you get hungry while bathing, we recommend a 14-minute walk to the adjacent “Platja del Racó”, where you will find several recommendable cafés and restaurants.

Platja Illa Roja Costa Brava Villas del Sol Begur

4. Platja Sa Riera (7 Min. by car, 3,3km)

The Platja Sa Riera is a relatively short, but very wide beach in the small, namesake bay of Sa Riera. It is easily accessible from the promenade via some shallow steps and offers ideal conditions for a beach day, especially with small children, due to the shallow water entrance, the clear beach situation and the sufficient surface.

The beautiful view of the wooded rocks on the west side, the fine sand, the crystal clear water and the boat rental on the eastern section make this place seem idyllic even in high season. At Paltja de Sa Riera sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented, public showers are unfortunately not available, but the surrounding gastronomy is easily accessible and varied. Within a few meters walking distance you can find many stores for daily needs as well as some boutiques, beach and souvenir stores. Parking in the area is limited, so early arrival is advisable.

During the season, the beach is supervised daily by lifeguards.

Platja de la Riera Costa Brava

5. Platja de Sa Tuna (11 Min. by car, 4,9 km)

The Platja de Sa Tuna is an experience in itself! If you are looking for the vacation feeling of the 60s and 70s, you will find it here: in the small bay with the stony beach you can spend a deliberately romantic day surrounded by pretty colorful little houses in typical Catalan construction, which nestle into the densely wooded slopes. Between small white boats, locals and initiated tourists mingle to enjoy the beautiful view or to dare a spectacular walk over the cliffs. Some nice restaurants and small stores in the immediate vicinity complete the cozy nostalgic bathing fun.

There is plenty of parking 300 to 500 meters away on Carrer del Rec de Sa Tuna.

Insider tip: On foot or by paddle boat you can reach the nearby Cala S’eixugador, an enchanting little bay with spectacular views – ideally suited as a picnic spot or oasis of relaxation amidst rocky nature.

Platja de sa Tuna Costa Brava Villas del Sol Begur

6. Platja Fonda (7 Min. by car, 3,3 km)

Platja Fonda, south of Begur, is a very hidden stretch of beach about 150 meters long, in a quiet and sunny cove surrounded by towering craggy rocks. The beach is light gray with small pebbles, the water crystal clear, bright turquoise blue and very shallow sloping.

To get to this gem of recreation, some effort is required: from the pay parking lot, it takes about a hundred steps down the steep cliffs until you reach the platja.

Those who want to relax here should in any case bring shade, provisions and enough water, because there are neither stores nor gastronomy on this natural beach. Unfortunately, word has already spread about the breathtaking beauty of this place, which is why you will not be alone here during the high season in July and August.

Insider tip: From the beach in the direction of the harbor runs a beautiful, shady path that you can walk along. From here you reach a special feature: an almost natural water basin, a kind of pool carved into rock, into which a small ladder leads. From here, while bathing, you can enjoy a magnificent view over the bay and the sea.

Platja Fonda Costa Brava Spanien Villas del Sol Begur

7. Platja de Fornells (9 Min. by car, 4,7 km)

Platja de Fornells consists of several small coves on a rocky, picturesque stretch of coast.

Important: There is no sandy or pebbly beach here, but mainly asphalted water accesses (where sunbathing is allowed, of course). Due to the depth of the water and the marine fauna unfolding underneath, Platja de Fornells is primarily interesting for those who like to spend their free time behind diving goggles. Exciting underwater views and abundance of fish make Fornells an ideal place for diving and snorkeling excursions.

Restaurants, shopping and also parking are available in the immediate vicinity. To dry off, we recommend a stroll through Fornell’s exclusive villa neighborhood.

Attention: Due to the newly built small boat harbor, restrictions may apply.

8. Platja d‘Aiguablava (9 Min. by car, 4,9 km)

The small beach d’Aiguablava is particularly attractive due to its location in a sheltered bay with very shallow water that warms up quickly and is ideal for bathing, especially for small children.

The surrounding hills, forested with wild pines, are still largely undeveloped, which is why you can enjoy the impression of natural idyll when you look out from the beach to the cliffs of Cap de Begur.

This small beach with its intimate atmosphere scores with its beautiful view, the child-friendly bathing situation and the surrounding gastronomies with a good selection of restaurants, ice cream parlors and bars. A parking lot nearby and a bus shuttle that runs during the season between Begur, Sa Tuna, Sa Riera, Fornells and Aiguablava complete the complete package.

Important: The best time to visit is in the morning, because due to the surrounding rocks, the beach is in the shade in the afternoon. On weekends, many locals are on their favorite beach, so it can get crowded quickly.

Platja d'Aiguablava Costa Brava Spanien Vollas del Sol Begur

9. Platja de Llafranc (16 Min. by car, 10,5km)

Platja de Llafranc is located about 10 kilometers south of Begur in a small bay. The beach strip is about 500 meters long and 30 meters wide and is dominated by the marina and fishing boat harbor, which has been renovated in recent years and has also led to an upgrade of the charming beach promenade “Passeig de Cipsela”.

The medium sized, yellow sandy beach is only suitable for recreation to a limited extent due to the boat traffic, but it is varied and worth seeing. The picturesque atmosphere of the coastal town of Llafranc and the hustle and bustle on the pine-lined boulevard are suspiciously reminiscent of familiar gems of the Côte d’Azur.

Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented on the beach. The swimming and bathing zone is fenced off with safety buoys, and the beach is continuously monitored by lifeguards during the season. Public toilets, good showers and a boat rental complete the swimming experience at this beach.

Platja de Llafranc Costa Brava Spanien VIillas del Sol Begur

10. Tamariu Beach (13 Min. by car, 7,5 km)

In a small, picturesque horseshoe bay between the Platjas Fonda and Llefranc lies Tamariu, which markets its stretch of beach extremely confidently as “Beach”.

Despite constant construction activity over the last 40 years, Tamariu has managed to retain its special charm. The interplay of the idyllic landscape and the beautiful little promenade with terraces and stores is complemented by the colorful parasols of the visitors, which add additional color and life to this place.

Tamariu Beach offers all the amenities one would expect from a public beach: There are well-maintained restrooms and showers, a beach lifeguard, shady trees, and a bocce court. The fun of swimming in the crystal clear waters is enhanced by a diving board and some climbing cliffs. There is a coastal path in the immediate vicinity that takes hiking enthusiasts past many interesting viewpoints.

Unfortunately, this gem is especially busy on weekends and afternoons, so it pays to visit early. Parking after 11 a.m. becomes a challenge, so we recommend a morning visit, perhaps concluded with a visit to the many fine restaurants.

11. Platja d’Aro (26 Min. by car, 26 km)

The Platja d’Aro is one of the largest in the area with a length of over 3 kilometers. Unfortunately, one has to do without the sight of a charming coastal village in view of the dimensions of the local beach hotels. Instead, this wide beach, which stretches between Port d’aro and Cala Rovira, scores with other amenities.

Costly sewage treatment plants and a daily cleaning of the sand ensure clean beach pleasure and a particularly high water quality, which has been awarded the “Blue Flag” for many years. Red Cross stations and continuously manned lifeguard stations provide additional safety.

The spacious, completely car-free beach promenade offers entertainment of all kinds, from family restaurants to nightclubs, and sports activities are also available in the immediate vicinity: a specially designed leisure zone with volleyball nets and other elements invites you to play ball. Along the entire length of the promenade, young guests can explore various playgrounds.

Platja Gran Platja d'Aro Costa Brava Villas del Sol

If it gets too crowded on some of the beaches in the afternoons or weekends during the high season, cooling off at your own pool is a great alternative.

Our Villas del Sol offer you every possible comfort in a perfect location to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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